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We have made booking a fast and straightforward process. Simply select your dates, choose an available property, enter your payment details and await your reservation confirmation.

No. True stays displays all fees in and you won’t be charged any more than the fees displayed. We do not charge a “service fee”, meaning that you save up to 10% compared with booking the same property through websites such as booking.com and airbnb.

Please visit the contact us page for all of the ways that you can get in touch with us.

Once you have succesfully made payment, you will receive an automatic email confirming your reservation. We shall then send another email, providing you with information about how to access the check-in information.

Check-in instructions are sent to guests at least 12 hours before your check-in time. Please keep an eye on your emails to ensure that any pre-check-in requirements have been met.

We try to be as flexible as possible and will allow changes to bookings so long as the changes comply with our Terms & conditions. To make a change, please contact our guest help team with your reservation number to hand. All amendments are subject to availabilty.

Under no circumstances is smoking available in our properties. Please see our house rules here. If there is evidence of smoking within the property, guests will be charged. If you are a smoker, please make sure that you leave the premises to smoke and dispose of your cigarette buts safely.

We want to ensure that you have the perfect experience when staying with us. If you have any concerns (before or after your stay), then please email these to info@trueproperty.co.uk . We take all complaints seriously and will have a response within 24 hours. If you have a complaint dring your stay, then please contact us using the in-stay communication number provided.

We do not collect a damage deposit. Instead we simply issue a “charge” of the deposit amount onto your card before check-in. The property will be inspected by ourselves once you have checked-out. If no issues are found, this charge will be removed from your card within 2 working days. If there are any issues found, we shall contact you with evidence and costs.

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