Property Developers

Instant rent for your properties

Earning from your
developments just became easier

Maximise your return on investment by instantly earning hassle-free income on multiple units as soon as your development project is complete. By simply choosing our service over putting in a standard tenant, you will benefit from the following…

net profit

No voids, fees or bills and lower maintenance costs, combined with the fair rent that we pay and most developers will increase their net profit through us.


Receive a stable and predictable income for up to 5 years thanks to the long-term agreements that we offer developers.

No more

Forget the headaches that traditional tenants often create! We make the entire process hassle-free from start to finish.

Assets in
safe hands

Gain have peace of mind knowing that a trusted company is responsible for looking after your valued asset and helping to increase its capital value.

Maximise your return


Long-term & on-time rent

From your first rental instalment to the last, we guarantee that each payment will be on time and in full every single month. This, combined with our long-term contracts of up to 5 years, will provide you with a stable income for the foreseeable future.

Highest standards

Kept in showroom condition all year round

We require the properties to be kept in showroom condition all year. Therefore we professionally clean and inspect each unit on average once per week. Not only this, but we immediately act on maintenance issues that arise. This means that the level of care taken by ourselves far exceeds that of a standard tenant.

Safe & secure

Dependable security

Each and every unit is safeguarded thanks to the investments that we have made into developing our truestays® security solution. This consists of a combination of vetting measures, insurances, 24/7 monitoring devices, professional security and much more to ensure that your units are protected around the clock.

  • Contract
  • Identity
  • Insurance
  • Deposits
  • Zero tolerance
  • Security Team
  • Monitor
  • Inspections

Our legally binding contract (more stringent and with more powers than an AST) is signed by the guests prior to booking confirmation.

We collect and authenticate our guest's identities for every stay using leading verification software.

Our insurance covers your units for up to £5 million in repairs for everyone that enters the property (from guests to tradesmen).

We collect a deposit of up to £500 for every stay that we can use in the unlikely event that a guest causes damage.

We operate a zero tolerance policy. If our T's & C's have been breached, we will immediately remove the guests.

Our professional security teams are on hand 24/7 to rapidly respond in person to any concerning situations. They have the power to immediately remove guests on our behalf.

A combination of smart in-house sensors and security devices continually monitors each unit and instantly alert us to any concerns. We can monitor everything from temperature and decibels, to nicotine and marijuana.

During longer term stays, our professional cleaning team completes a full property inspection every 7 days to ensure that the property is being looked after.
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How does it work?

From start to finish, we have made the whole process as simple as possible.

1. Get in touch

Get in touch with us so that we can talk about your specific project in more detail and discuss whether what we can provide is right for you and whether what you can provide is right for us. We will then look into your development in more detail and look to arrange a site visit and review plans.

2. Agreement

Once we have viewed your development we will provide you with a formal offer within 24 hours, which you are free to accept or reject. This offer will include terms, the length of the contract, the rent amount and any specific conditions. We are quite flexible when it comes to the terms and welcome any suggestions from developers.

3. Commence

Once everything has been agreed upon, we shall assume our responsibility for the upkeep of the homes and pay the first rental instalments. Once furnished, decorated and ready to our high standards, begin to use the property to provide our clients in Stoke-on-Trent with short/medium-term accommodation.

4. Return

Towards the end of the contract, we will let you know if we would like to seek to extend the contract. If both parties agree to renew, then we will discuss a new contract, or simply extend the existing one. Should we agree to go our separate ways, we will return the property to you in the same condition as when we took it on.

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