We're planting 1 tree for every £20 in bookings 🌳

We are delighted to announce that as of January 2021, we will be planting 1 tree for every £20 spent with us here at http://www.truestays.co.uk

Ollie Whitehouse

1 year ago

Being a responsible & sustainable company is one of our core values & is at the heart of our decisions. This is why we are so excited to be able to announce that from Jan 2021 Truestays will be planting 1 tree 🌳 for every £20 spent with us at http://www.truestays.co.uk!


This means that for the average 7-day booking, we will be able to plant a whopping 35 trees and over the course of 1 year, that’d equate to over 1700 trees being planted, per property.


What’s more, our trees will be planted in developing countries such as Cameroon, Kenya & Tanzania. Helping to improve food security and reduce poverty levels.


So not only are you saving money by booking direct, you’re also helping to save the planet and provide livelihoods in developing countries.

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